Welcome to the Candidate Generator's Lab!

Join me as I continue to expand my knowledge of all things Sourcing, Research, and Recruiting.

I took my first AIRS certification test in the '90s, and I was the first external "Internet Recruiter," as they were called at the time, hired by Microsoft in 2000. I have had the opportunity to work for Google, Amazon, Apple, Yahoo!, Starbucks, ADP, a few startups, and other great companies as a full-time employee and contractor during my career.

I have trained sourcing professionals and recruiters at various companies, and I am known as a sourcing expert, and I have also operated as a full-cycle recruiter. I have spoken at numerous conferences, including the HIREconf, Talent42 and I have been one of the highest-rated presenters at SourceCon.

I was an invited speaker at the SourceCon All-Stars conference in March of 2016 in Orlando, FL. I have also led webinars on behalf of the ERE and others. Additionally, I was a board member of the S7+ (Sourcing Seven) organization in Seattle for several years.